Sword Coast 5e

Season 1, Ep 5

Death Underground

After searching for the small girl, all that was uncovered was her blue ribbon. Sights and sounds of an enormous snake were noticed but the group through luck or skill, avoided the monstrous beast! If that were all that was underground, it would have been an easy evening but when has anything been easy for our adventurers?

Two of the beloved members were arrested for violating the town’s strict laws of keeping the peace with the vile Lizardmen. After a short scuffle, they were placed in a small cell as they were unable to pay their every increasing fines. They weren’t the only ones arrested. Some of the farmers were arrested also.

A change has come over the town. The once placid goblins are now showing signs that they themselves are now in charge. But that is not all! The Duke certainly is showing signs of corruption with other discoveries that lurk below. Prisoners were walled up in their cells never to see the light of day. Some became ghouls shuffled below with an ever growing thirst for warm flesh.

As our heroes descended into the murky stench below, one ghost by the name of Malareties handed Fin his wife’s ring in order for exchange of information to help the living find their companions that were trapped inside the Duke’s prison. Fin promised to return the ring to Alerice’s finger once he finds her grave.

The group came upon a wall that divided their companions. With some effort, the divider was crushed, guards were fended off and our adventurers left the city unable to return.


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