Sword Coast 5e

Season 1, Ep 6

Arg! Pirates!

Green Dragon Pirates you say? Argh. I do Maties. High flying flags snap in the wind over a crumpled tower. Normal citizens would run in fear but not our group of Adventurers! They just had to investigate! Here, they found a wood elf ranger that proved his worth in the deluge of pirate fury!

As one might suspect, the Green Dragon Pirates were in search of a famed green dragon egg that the Fishmen were rumored to have in their possession. Did they succeed in obtaining this egg and bringing chaos to the world for their benefit? Of course not!

An epic battle ensued where certain death was possible with every spear throw and spell from the vile amphibians. King Olie handed over the precious egg and it soon cracked bonding with one of the meddlers that some affectionately call “Chicken Feet.”


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