Sword Coast 5e

Season 1, Ep 7

Come Sail Away

You need to be a sailor to sail? Who said that?

In this episode, our adventurers sailed away with the Green Dragon’s vessel! Having lost the furious army in a magical cloud of deception, they thought it would be a fine idea to take the ship for a spin. Unfortunately, they ended up crashing on Hydra Isle.

Fishmen with full intent to sacrifice the party to their Hydra god were shocked to find out that they picked on the wrong group of people. It was about time some one put a stop to their evil ways!

Without a proper sacrifice, however, the Hydra came on shore to take it’s vengeance. Newcomers to the island were somehow sacrificed after a shipwreck but that did not stop the god to raging with all it’s seven dragon-like heads!

All of our beloved adventurers fought bravely and destroyed the terrifying monster. (All except for the young cleric that ran away in a panic. He was later found face down on the beach waterlogged.)


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