Sword Coast 5e

Season 1 Episode 1

The mysterious Sakhir, strange in both appearance & eating habits; friendly Fin, a slight, polite young man & devotee of Sune; Kruhd, a barbarous brute, the last of his clan; Neverick, a minstrel fair with an air of both man & elf; Damakos the Librarian, to whom it seems there is more than meets the eye; and Riswynn, she-dwarf of Citadel Adbar.

One gloomy summer’s eve these six disparate travelers had a chance encounter at The Hoary Halfling, an inn of some repute in rural Daggersford. That night their lives were changed forever.

Here too they made the acquaintance of one Art-Bart Mahee, an entrepreneurial minded monger shilling his most recent endeavor—an employment service featuring goblins for hire! Intrigued, strange Sakhir soon parted with a few pence in return for an impish minion of his very own. That rat-faced rascal, bearing the nom de chore Turnip, became the seventh member of the company.

But more importantly, the Halfling’s grizzled innkeeper shared some potentially valuable information. Rumor had it the Daggersford Farmers’ Association, frustrated by the inaction of Duke Vrinn with regard to a series of recent murders & disappearances among the peasantry, was in the market for sell-swords.

The following day our would be heroes sought out Tarkus, head of the DFA. Master Tarkus soon enlisted the stout company to investigate the aforementioned crimes, and further bring the perpetrators to swift justice at the end of a blade!

In short order our heroes set out for the still smoldering farmstead of one recently murdered Jeggred. Arriving they found a scene of carnage which bore all the hallmarks of vile lizard-folk. As luck would have it, the not too distant Lizard Marsh was reputed to be teeming with these cold-blood fiends.

The next order of business? Sword sharpening …and vengeance!


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