Lahzd ov-da Moov Glan


Find him by following his trail of corpses. Know him by the sight of his blooded axe. ~ Old Moov Glan proverb.

Adventurer. Warrior. Usurper. Conquerer. He is Kruhd, Lahzd ov-da Moov Glan.

Slow witted yet quick to act, this maladroit man-child rumbles & bumbles his way through the world meting out a barbarous brand of justice to the (mostly) deserving who are fool enough to get in his way.

Now, and together with a motley collection of new met fellow freebooters, he has lent the services of his smitey great-axe to the Farmers Association of the peaceful hamlet Daggersford.

Naught but doom awaits, surely. But doom for whom? Dat iz-da kmezgion!



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