Pavel Marsk

Crazy looking half-elf wizard


Pavel looks like a rather eccentric fellow. His blonde hair is dyed a variety of colors with berry juice. One of his brown eyes has turned yellow ever since huge wild magic surged occurred while he was studying magic. He wears a heavy fur cloak that he’s dyed in a variety of colors and patterns and wears a simple tunic, leather pants, and his magical boots underneath. He carries an elven sword he was given as a gift when he completed his studies and went back out into the world. He has a white owl familiar, Barnabus, who sits on his shoulder while he travels.

Pavel is a carefree chap and is always looking for excitement. He loves the chaos of battle and often seeks out trouble for an adrenaline rush. He comes across as friendly and jovial. He often throws around money he has rather than horde it. The moment an opportunity to learn more about magic comes about, he immediately focuses and becomes attentive.


Pavel is the child of a northern barbarian mother and a high elf father. He grew up in Ten Towns with his mother. She was forced to hide his slightly pointed ears with thick fur hats in order to avoid suspicion of the town. During a festival as a young boy, Pavel was dancing with a girl and his hat fell off. The entire town was shocked and shunned them. Eventually Pavel was forced to leave without his mother.

Pavel wandered the North living off the land. He grew accustomed the hard life and harsh weather. While hunting a deer, he was followed by a group of elves traveling through the woods. They were impressed with his knowledge of the lands. They invited him to accompany them on their journey to Neverwinter.

Along the way, he learned that his father was wandering the world and is a great wizard. He decided to begin studying the arcane ways and found he was greatly adept with taming the Weave and its wild ways. His studies with elves was too restrictive and he secretly began exploring Wild Magic. But after an great uncontrollable wild surge, he began having prophetic dreams of a terrible plague ravaging the Sword Coast. He’s bent on finding its source and stopping it

Pavel Marsk

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