Sakhir Nalambar

Pale skinned human warlock from the Underdark


Sakhir is a human of average build. His most prominent features are his pale skin, pale yellow hair, and crystal blue eyes. He garners frequent stares and is often the center of attention where ever he goes. He carries an odd wooden staff that has bizarre tentacles carved into it. He comes across as very approachable and personable despite his odd appearance.


He has revealed that he is from the Underdark and fled his family for the horrible things they made him do. He seems to hold his cards very close to his chest.

Sakhir is a warlock with an evil patron known as He Who Waits in the Darkness. This patron comes to him in his dreams whispering dark secrets. It appears as a large mass of tentacles with a single, large, unblinking eye in the center.

Sakhir fled his home because he was being driven mad by his dreams and the rituals he needed to perform with the evil cult his family is part of. Since fleeing and being away from the cult, he has had time to cope with the dreams and gain composure over himself once more.

Sakhir has left behind a sister who he hopes to return to his family’s settlement to save when he has learned to control his powers and harness them for good.

Sakhir Nalambar

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